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Food Insecurity in Alaskan Native Villages

In 2017, in Alaska Native villages, shoppers paid $39.48 more for the same basket of food items than the average national consumer. The difference is striking, but before thinking the sticker shock only applies because of the distance to Alaska, consider that a shopper on a reservation in the Lower 48 pays $7.51 more than the national average.

The bag of groceries contained the following items: a loaf of white bread, a pound of ground beef, a whole chicken, a dozen large eggs, a gallon of whole milk, red delicious apples, a pound of tomatoes, and regular and decaf coffee.

In 2020, a bag of flour in an Alaskan Native village was priced at $32, compared to the national average of $4

In 2021, a carton of milk in an Alaskan Native Village was priced at $18.29, vs the national average being $3.55

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