Why barley flour?

Barley is low in fat and has zero cholesterol. It’s also low in gluten and high in bothsoluble and insoluble fiber, making this flour blend a baking ritual that will fill yourbelly and fuel your body for hours naturally, with no crash afterwards.

Gluten/Grain sensitivities:

In many cases of gluten and grain sensitivity or allergies, the allergic or sensitive are actually having a reaction to the pesticides, gmo’s, and harsh chemicals sprayed onto the crops. This is why you see such lower statistics for gluten and grain sensitivities in other countries, where farming laws are more strict and these chemicals are illegal. With Alaskan Love Company, you don't have to worry about any of those things. No harsh chemicals, no GMO’s, and with the cold winter months and small insect population in Alaska, little to no pesticides are used on Alaskan Love’s barley. Just Alaskan Love.

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